Cellulose Isolation for your Home

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Cellulose Isolation for your Home

When installing cellulose in your home or building projects, efforts will be rewarded. It uses much less energy to produce and plant cellulose fibers, mostly being drawn from post-consumer waste. No danger for those who install, does not contain toxic substances. Treated with boric salts are six times less harmful than table salt (NaCl).

Be environmentally responsible and help secure it by:

– Using a material made ​​from recycled materials

– Use of a material in the manufacture of which were not used pollutants

– Using a material that is safe for human health and pets.

Energy efficiency A +

Cellulose insulation to conserve energy and reduce maintenance costs!

Cellulose insulation promotes energy conservation and reducing maintenance costs. Cellulose anvelopeaza your home effectively blocking air leakage and convection currents, which could lead to loss of energy. Cellulose uniform covers all the cracks, crevices and holes that conventional insulation would not cover. Cellulose has a high thermal capacity of absorption of heat, which helps dramatically reduce its transfer into the building in summer. Throughout benefit of comfort.

Apply the pulp is done with special equipment, by a team with extensive experience. The injection of the cellulose fibers has the advantage of reduced installation time. The material requires no storage space and no losses occur during insulation. It maintains permanent control injected densities and the beneficiary pays only cellulose insulation that is consumed. The application is made directly from trucks through the ceiling, wall, roof to be insulated. Cellulose is an organic material obtained from recycled paper, and treatment which is subject brings a number of benefits. Thus, cellulose shows retardant properties against mold and also special properties that prevent rodents and insects.

Save money

You increased savings and tangible benefits of isolating the cellulose!

Today, we all want to make savings and pay less bills. Here the cellulose insulation fails to provide increased savings and tangible benefits over other types of insulation. Properly designed and executed interior insulation removes heat penetration inside the building during the summer, so the use of the air conditioner becomes dispensation. This is very important because to cool a room by 1 ° C is required three times more energy than the same surface heating by 1 ° C! And since winter is not as summer, we cannot neglect this season and no heating bills that came with it and grow from year to year. So you need to think long term and invest in the future!

Save money on auto pay bills if you use cellulose fiber insulation, the insulation system, bringing heating energy savings up to 50% compared to conventional insulation. Cellulose fiber insulating your home becomes an investment that will save money throughout the year. Electricity and gas costs continue to grow from year to year while your insulation remains effective throughout the life of the building.

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You are protected from fire

Cellulose shows retardant properties, protecting the house in case of fire.

With retardant properties, cellulose protects the home in case of fire. Thus, the insulation slows the combustion process, while giving an important control mold. Homes insulated with cellulose will not have any problems with pests, because the properties of this material keep rodents or insects at bay.